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Cyrine Allani Joaristi
Founder & CEO

Cyrine’s love of Fashion led her to work for Jacques Fath and Christian Dior Couture and her closet is spilling with gorgeous dresses and outfits she has barely worn. She has always been the one my friends would borrow dresses from or ask to tag along while shopping for their wedding dresses. She can spot THE perfect piece within seas of clothing racks and would never anyone them to buy something they don’t look absolutely fabulous in. But with time, her fashion buying habits shifted slightly. As Coco Chanel once said “Fashion goes out of Fashion”, so Cyrine tends now to splurge on gorgeous timeless pieces and rent the strong seasonal ones.

When Cyrine lived in New York City, she was one of Rent the Runway first customers and absolutely loved it: great choice, impeccable service and a guilt free experience.

But she didn’t want to create an other fashion rental website, no matter how good it would be. The inventory is right there, in her closet, in her friends’, in department stores… Why buy more stuff than we need, over and over again. Cyrine realised that the thrill resided in wearing something for the first time, whether it was new, borrowed or vintage. The excitement came from the new experience, not the newness out the outfit.
So this is how Cyrine came up with the idea of a pre-loved exclusive rental platform mixing both traditional and sharing economy. Sharing is caring as they teach our children.

After all, we all suffer from the same Fashion paradigm: no matter the size of our closet, we always have Nothing-to-Wear.

Dorothée Lacroix,

Board Member

International Managing Director, Numberly

Dorothée Lacroix joined Numberly (1000mercis Group) in 2002 and is a member of the Executive Committee. As Numberly International Managing Director, she leads a team of people from London headquarters dedicated to ensuring the growth of the Group’s International activities. Specialist in acquisition and retention on digital media, Dorothée assists many brands in their objectives.

Dorothee holds a Master’s degree from Paris Dauphine in Marketing and Strategy.

Dorothée has been living in London since 2007, she is married and has one daughter

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