March 27

Own you marriage, not your dress.

And the bride wore green…..

There is a lot of talk about the secret waste weddings leave behind and why a Zero waste celebration would make sense. One tip would be for brides to own their marriage, not their dress.. 

According to Carter Reum, from the Huffington post, “The best kept secret at a wedding isn’t that the groom slept with one of the bridemaids, it’s that a wonderful celebration about love and new beginnings produces an enormous amount of waste. It seems like a decidedly unromantic notion, but it’s the truth. The average wedding costs roughly $28,000, for what amounts to a six hour event. (That averages to around $4,667 per hour.) During those six hours, a wedding produces roughly 400-600 lbs. of waste — that’s based on a guest list of roughly 100-120 people.” Some staggering figures considering that  800 millions of human beings still live under the extreme poverty threshold of 1.90 dollar/day, according to the UN.

Speaking of waste, a study from 2006 that found British women were consuming four times as many clothes as their 1980 counterparts, and sending 30kg of textiles and clothing to landfill annually. In 2006,  John Galliano already wanted to shed some light on this forthcoming environmental crisis. With his genius and provocative spirit he crystallised this sense of waste in this breathtaking Haute Couture Christian Dior gown made of black aluminium sheet covered in organza. Couldn’t be any more luxurious than this but it looks like it a giant train of trash bags. I was extremely disappointed not to see this gown featured in the “Punk: Chaos to Couture” exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2013 as it screamed punk and couture to me. Nor any of his looks by the way. May be this screaming silence was the way the Fashion planet protested his unforgivable comments but if stress, pressure our dubious personal opinions were the cause of this scandal, we cannot deny that John Galliano belongs to the pantheon of fashion gods…


Christen Dunst ascending the Versailles Gardens great stairs in a shoot by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue US in Sept 2006


As Clare Press, fashion journalist and Vogue Australia sustainable editor-at-large wrote: “The continued rise of “fast fashion” — the business model that sees labels bring trends from catwalks to stores in a matter of weeks — has led to widespread environmental degradation, unsafe working conditions for garment workers and a waste problem much bigger than ever anticipated.”


If wedding dresses don’t end up on a pile of trash, their whole purpose is to be worn only once. As they are usually expensive items filled with emotional charge and memories,  brides used to preserve their wedding gown in order to pass them down to their daughters on their own special day. But it goes for wedding dresses as for any other sartorial item, there are some trends and brides to be dodn’t usually want to wear their mother’s old gown. I didn’t wear my mom’s one as it was way too plain and simple to my liking…

An eco and budget-friendly option emerge naturally from these article: renting a bridal dress. This is why, at Nothing-to-Wear, we started consigning pre-loved wedding dresses in mint condition for everybody’s delight. The brides who generously consigned them needed the space in their closet ans some extra bit on cash. The brides-to-be can save quite some money as the average price of a wedding dress is around £1000 but can easily go up to £5000.

And to add to the “look good, feel good” experience, we decided to give 10£ of Nothing-to-Wear’s commission to the Malala Fund, supporting education and preventing child marriage.

This is the social media ad we came up with and I am pretty pleased with the results. This “own your marriage not your dress” campaign has reached 5300 person in less than a week and generated 209 clicks.

Here is a selection of our wedding dresses for hire


Bespoke mermaid wedding gown with Swarovski bodice 

Value £2330, rental fee for 4 days: £350


Oleg Cassini ballerina bride gown.

Value: £600, rental fee for 4 days: £120


Persia dropped waist tulle wedding gown

Value: £1600, Rental fee for 4 days: £350


Jenny Lee Couture open back dress

Value: 800, Rental fee: £120


Consign your pre-loved fashion gems with us at our

Soho Boutique located at

Smiths Court

57 Brewer Street

London, W1F 9UL

£10 out of every Nothing-to-Wear commission on wedding dress rental will go to the Malala Fund in order to promote girls’ education and ban child marriage.

Rent, don’t buy.

Rent fashion, share fashion

Sustainable fashion

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