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The Team

Fashion lovers and activists

Cyrine Allani Joaristi
Founder & CEO

Born in Madrid to a French mother and a Tunisian father, I spent 28 years in Paris and am a true Parisian at heart. My love of Fashion led me to work for Jacques Fath and Christian Dior Couture and my closet is spilling with gorgeous dresses and outfits that I have barely worn. I have always been the one my friends would borrow dresses from or ask to tag along while shopping for their wedding dresses.They trust me because I can spot THE item within seas of clothing racks and I would never tell them to buy something they don’t look absolutely fabulous in. But with time, my fashion buying habits shifted slightly. As Coco Chanel once said “Fashion goes out of Fashion”, so I tend to splurge on gorgeous timeless pieces and rent the strong seasonal ones.

Yes, I said rent.

When I was living in New York City, I was one of Rent the Runway first customers and I absolutely loved it: great choice, impeccable service and a guilt free experience.

But I didn’t want to create an other fashion rental website, no matter how good it would be. The inventory is right there, in my closet, in my friends’, in yours… Why buy more stuff than we need, over and over again. I realised that the thrill resided in wearing something for the first time, whether it was new, borrowed or vintage. The excitement came from the new experience, not the newness out the outfit. And I am a big vintage shopper myself: I have a soft spot for Yves Saint Laurent by Monsieur Saint Laurent dresses. And I try to convince my husband that they are so timeless that I will wear them forever, to sugar coat the price tag..
So this is how I came up with the idea of a peer-to-peer exclusive rental platform. My friends love raiding my closet, I am convinced that there is someone out there who shares the same taste and size as me, so why not expand our sartorial options?

After all, we all suffer from the same Fashion paradigm: no matter the size of our closet, we always have Nothing to Wear.

Lamia Jerad

I have worked for many years at top luxury fashion brands in different functional roles and from Hermes to Louis Vuitton I have developed high standards for client service, design and quality.
My style is a search for identity, exploring the various heritages the fashion world has to offer, from edgy Belgian designers such as Cedric Charlier or contemporary Danish luxury pioneer Malene Birger or Parisian vintage couture Louis Feraud.

When I met Cyrine I was instantly drawn to her kind nature, sharp observations, and also her thoughtful approach to fashion and of course her amazingly stylish and glamorous wardrobe. Fast-forward a few lifetimes, jobs in the luxury industry, relocations in New York and Brussels, and new homes in London later, I have found a lot in common with Cyrine in our creative and professional lives.

With Cyrine, I also share my love for all seriously gorgeous, simple and elegant clothes, and while we feel we are always on the hunt for the perfect fashion piece around at the moment, we came to the conclusion that we spend far too much time, resources and energy in choosing and buying what we wear. The business purpose to come with our own solution to reclaim our stylish closets and better align with the ethics and ecological values of sustainable fashion was just evident.

Nothing-To-Wear business model is innovative in a unique way that combines sustainability and luxury fashion consumption, and makes them work together instead of against each other.

We aim to dress and service glamorous open-minded women who want to stand out for all the right reasons: dressing responsibly in incredibly affordable recycled couture!

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