Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion

As a mother of three, I have become more and more concerned about the environment and the planet we are going to leave to our children. We keep buying stuff while our closets our spilling out of clothes, sometimes unworn. It is no secret that fast fashion has contributed to the textile industry becoming the second most polluting one after hydrocarbures (yes, that’s right, right after oil and gaz…) and their garments can sometimes be manufactured under shady conditions.

This is why, we at Nothing-to-Wear, do not buy any new dress or accessory. We rely on our dear customers’ consignment of their preloved luxury items or buy iconic vintage pieces which style has proven to defeat trends while remaining fashion staples.

By renting one of our fashion item, not only you will look fabulous but also contribute to changing
the way we consume fashion, one dress at a time.

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