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At Nothing-to-Wear,
we believe in giving back.

And if our love of fashion can help others, the better.

For each garment or accessories you rent through Nothing-to-Wear, you have the opportunity to add a few pounds to help us support a good cause and we pledge to match every pound our beloved customers donate.

We have carefully selected some charities supporting a cause which have a special place in our heart and where your donations go directly to the ones in need. We will be rotating charities every couple of month or so, supporting
BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH, but here are some more specific charities we support:


We are big fans of the Malala Yusafzai’s foundation which provides Girl’s education in underprivileged countries. You can make a difference in a young girl's life by adding a donation at the end of your basket.



This tragedy of unprecedented proportions in the city of London occupies a special place in our heart. The man who used to drive several kids to our founder's school every morning perished after rescuing his family and several other people. Cyrine and her soons train every Saturday at Box Clever, a gym which, on top of being one of the best Boxing facilities in London, helped underprivileged kids get their life back on track. The gym has burnt down leaving them with no place to train. You can help Dayle Youth Boxing club getting a new facility so these kids don't hang out in streets.


PAcT, PEOPLE Act for Tunisia

Our CEO & Founder shares a special bond with this charity as she is half Tunisian of her father’s side. PACT was created right after the Tunisian revolution and the Arab spring and focuses on promoting education to children aged 6 to 12 years old in deprived areas of Tunisia. PAcT helped around 65 children in 2013, 500 in 2014 and 800 in 2015.



Unicef is the leading organisation working for children. They ensure more of the world’s children are vaccinated, educated and protected than any other organisation. They've done more to influence laws and policies to help protect children than anyone else. They get things done and they’re not going to stop until the world is a safe place for all our children.


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