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Hot or Blush? Always be pretty in Pink

One of the most versatile of colours and an all time spring favourite as catwalks keep sending models in  various pink hues, Spring Summer after Spring Summer.

So no big surprise here when in article published on the 21st of Septembre 2017, Vogue Daily editor of vogue.co.uk, Alice Newbold stated “Rosie Ruffles and Fuchsia Silk: Think Pink for SS18”.  A total repeat from last’s SS trends when fashion editor Gillian Brett wrote 6 month earlier in Marie Claire UK that Pink was the only colour we needed for Spring Summer 2017… Completely different shades of Pink, dear! Any fashion editor would know that… Fuchsia is so last season…

Blush, powder, baby, quartz, hot, neon, shocking, watermelon… This is not the most eclectic shopping list but the many adjectives designers use to qualify the various shade of pink they fall in love with, collection after collection. Romantics may opt for a soft hue while more daring ones will go for the “shocking pink’ Elsa Schiaparelli created in the 30’s. From 6-year-old princess party to men shirts, pink is one of the few shades blending age, personalities and genders.

In article written in March 2017 and entitled Punk and Pretty: A history of fashion through eh colour pink, ID magazine evokes the different meanings of this colour while used is soft or strong hues. Here fashion Journalist Alice Newell-Hanson, explains how ” Pink became standard in female fashion after World War Two when Christian Dior introduced his romantic, modern New Look as a reaction to the severity of post-war rationing. Men were returning to the workforce and women were remaking their lives at home — a migration that companies leaped on with new household goods in bubblegum shades that appealed to fun and fashion. Pink has remained the color used to signify women’s products ever since. (Hence why we’re now debating the “pink tax.”)

Pale pink and grey were touchstones of Dior’s New Look collections throughout the late 40s and 50s. But he didn’t use pink to evoke feminine softness. “I’m a mild man, but I have violent tastes,” the designer told a LIFE reporter after presenting his breakout spring 1948 collection. “Other designers might sidle up to old-fashioned femininity and romance; Dior tackled it headlong,” the reporter observed, “Like all great revolutionists, Christian Dior is a creature of destiny.”



Another pink revolutionary, Elsa Schiaparelli, had pioneered a very different shade of pink between the two World Wars. Pink, said Schiaparelli, is “bright, impossible, impudent, becoming, life-giving, like all the light and the birds and the fish in the world put together.” Her favorite eye-popping blend of red and white (more fuchsia than Dior’s floral shades) became known as “shocking pink” when it was immortalized in the vibrant packaging of her 1937 perfume Shocking! (exclamation mark her own). For Schiaparelli, pink was “a shocking color, pure and undiluted.”




The very feminine bottle she created for the launch of her Shocking perfume in the early 30’s  and use of the sailor in the right left side drawing is strangely familiar. Is Jean-Paul Gaultier a copycat or was he paying a tribute to one of Fashion most daring woman?

This “Sun” shocking pink cape is most emblematic of Miss Schiaparelli’s use of this bright shade and the power it infuses its bearer with.




Another intriguing similarity is the Pink Bow Dress which became emblematic of Yves Saint Laurent’s genius and was featured in many a book or retrospective about the fashion genius. Although YSL is my religion, one cannot but wonder if he wasn’t very much inspired by another free spirited fashion genius….

So after all this talking about this lovely shade, here’s our selection to make you look

Pretty in Pink with Nothing-to-Wear.com

Princess Caroline of Monaco 1978 pink engagement dress


A pink flowery print is the quintessential look of celebration and at Nothing-to-Wear.com we are lucky enough to have acquired this Saint Laurent Rive Gauche dress, the very one Princess Caroline of Monaco wore to her 1978 engagement party to Philippe Junot. It’s timeless elegance will make it the perfect look for any spring festivity or a day at the Royal Races.


1978 Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Princess Caroline of Monaco Engagement dress

Size 8UK, Value: £1200, Hire for £100 for 4 days


Dusty pink in Lanvin

We love the contrasting shine of the silk satin top and the matt dusty muslin of the tiered skirt. We styled this look with a pair of 1990’s Chanel earrings by Victoire de Castellane and a chocolate 1980’s Chanel mini flap bag for a softer look.

LANVIN dusty pink outfit

Size 12UK, Value: £600, Hire for £90 for 4 days



We styled this outfit with 1990’s CHANEL by Victoire de Castellane dusty pink earrings.

Value: £350, Hire for 4 days for £40

The resin perfectly mimics pearls and the oversized pendant ads a vintage look while making a statement.


In order to keep a soft look but add a bit of contrat too, we chose this 1980’s chocolate CHANEL mini-flap bag.

It is in such pristine condition that it is hard to believe that it was manufactured some 30 years ago.

Value: £1920, Hire for $90 for 4 days


Accessorizing with pink

If colour is not your thing but you still want to venture out of your comfort zone, accessories are you best allied.


We love the orchidea shade of this matelassé leather of this Miumiu clutch with will soften any outfit.

Value: £550, Hire for £  for 4 days


I wrote a post a little while ago about Chanel all time favourites: the Camellias. The flowers Boy Capel, love of her life, use to send her. An intricate and powerful bud which buttery soft petals would enlighten any skin tone and its absence of scent will not collide with Coco’s famous N 5.

We have sold quite a lot of them and only those 2 pink ones remain. They are vintage of, course, and add a lovely hint of Spring to any outfit while desperately waiting for April showers to bring some May flowers….

 The 9cm one is for sale at £240 and the 7cm one is at  £220

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