February 13

What bloggers want you to believe…

What bloggers want you to believe…

The first thing I used to do every single morning was heading groggily to the bathroom. Now, I hit snooze twice and open my Instagram to check if I had gathered new followers, if someone liked my posts etc. And apparently, I am not the only one to be addicted to social media as early as 6:30 every morning. Sigh…

And though I am still drifting through a semi conscious state I cannot help but gaze at the glamorous photos fashion and beauty bloggers come up with, day after day. Instagram is like an endless sea of dewing youthful faces, long limbs, fabulous designer dresses worn with bare legs on 12 inch blush Alaïa sandals in the midst of January. There are also the pastel hued yummy açai berry bowls or artfully arranged avocado toast with almond lattes… I usually view myself as a pretty put together person, quite healthy, who has finally mastered her own style after many attempts (thank god for the-social media-free 1990’s). But all those beautiful, perfect, Instagram creatures sometimes make me feel like I am really underperforming to say it nicely. Or want to burry my head under my pillow and hibernate through the whole social media era which may prove quite challenging when you have your own business.

According to a recent Forbes study, Smartphone use is pretty much ubiquitous with genZers and about half of them are connected online about 10 hours a day. Therefore, media consumption for Gen Z’s is embedded in their daily lives so they are not even consciously making a decision to consume content. I see it with my 2 teen ages sons, it is a constant battle to get them off their devices. But as much as they are super brand and product savvy, they become more and more frustrated taking for benchmark this aspirational bloggers’ life and the image they convey. Lunch at the Ritz london all dressed in Chanel? Jetting off to a white- sand- sound-drenched-turquoise-water tropical island? Trotting around in a new pair of Gucci snake sneakers? All this is taken for granted by them, sometimes even by us, and we all get frustrated when we check out our own life.

Because let’s face it, social media influencers all want us to believe that they all live a perfect, luxurious or exciting life 24/7 while in fact, it takes a lot of efforts, even for them. But hushhh…don’t tell anyone I am going to debunk the myth…


1- Beautiful, flawless skin

Most of influencers are young which obviously helps. But before they post their daily portraits, selfies etc. foundation, make up, hair products and racks of designer clothes are made to a good use. The most successful ones are followed by an army of assistants , MUA (Make Up Artists, a few months ago I had absolutely no idea what the acronym meant) and post everything they eat, do, air kiss or supposedly buy. I say supposedly because I recently learnt that some of them, not the lucky ones who are paid by luxury brands to showcase their products, but the aspiring star ones have developed the weird habit of buying stuff online, take pics for Instagram and then return the so called coveted items thanks to the websites 90 day return policy. No wonder my kids get frustrated…..

And thank god for FILTERS too !!!!!!!!!


2- Living an exciting life

School runs, grocery shopping, work meetings? Every daunting task turns into a fashion show for these social media power house. While they want us to believe that they look like this at 9:30 am, we know, or actually I know because I styled the shoot that it took a bit of make up, a navy marabout SONIA RYKIEL coat worn bare legs on 190 cm gold sandals by freezing temperatures, a red LANVIN mini bag, a good photographer and a bit of humour to achieve this look. A bunch of banana has never looked so glam… You can recreate this look by clicking on the links and you’ll look fabulous too for your next party.


In reality, my mornings look a bit more like this….

My kids hate it when I wear this leopard Zara coat and kiss me good bye at the corner of the school, not to mention the crystal embellished been hat.

Even Praline, my dog, tries desperately to look the other way…

And dress deliveries can get tricky some times as I have the lousiest sense of orientation, even with a GPS.



3- Imune to the cold

I really don’t know how they do it. You might as well have seen gorgeous photos of fashion bloggers and models wearing evening gowns without a coat for the sake of the photos.

It would surely have been a shame to cover this gorgeous vintage John Galliano for Christian Dior black evening gown, and I praise my models for their bravery and dedication to their job


While I would have bund  led up in the biggest, fuzziest, warmest thing I have in hand as shown in the picture below.

Not artsy at all but I was so warm wearing our 1990’s vintage Krizia metallic dress and Miumiu studded black clutch!!!!!!

4- Wearing sexy day outfit

 I am on my way to the tube station to drop the kids to school, walk the dog and then have tea with my mommy friends at the Bloomsbury hotel Coral room. Yeah, right!!!! Actually this photo took a bit of grooming, except for the partially remove nail polish. Dark ones are beasts to take off..

I have just received this 1980’s silk leopard print YSL jacket which I man in love with. Leopard print can look cheap and tacky (Cf my Zara coat which my kids and husband loath but is so piratical for boring errands) but you cannot go wrong with Saint Laurent leopard print, especially when the fabric has been chosen and the jacket designed by master Yves himself..

The model on www.nothing-to-wear.com carries it better but I was having a good hair day

In real life I was wearing a plain camel jumper, much cosier than the fabulous YSL jacket and far less revealing. Will save the leopard piece for a dinner we have on March 3rd but in the meantime, it it yours to rent.

5- Fresh, glam and sexy 24/7

And after a long day of grooming, fitting, photo taking, blog writing, inventory editing, dress delivering… I of course await for my beloved husband naked in bed under a fur throw


Or is it what I want you to believe?????

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